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How to get children to eat more vegetables

A high vitamin intake is particularly important for children but from now on, thanks to the tips below, getting them to eat their vegetables will be child’s play – and especially with Sweet Palermo, which kids love the taste of!

• If you serve the vegetables in a smoothie, wrap or pancake, your children often don’t even realise that they’re eating healthily.
• Let your children help out in the kitchen. If they’ve been part of the preparation process, they will find the meal more interesting.
• Be imaginative. Make mealtimes more fun for children by creating faces or monsters made of food. Then they can pretend they’re eating arms, legs or ears rather than vegetables.
• Fresh pasta sauce is the ideal way to integrate lots of vegetables into a meal. Children won’t even realise that they’re eating vegetables.
• Children often like raw vegetables. Give them a plate of pointed pepper and sliced cucumber as a healthy snack, and you can serve extra coleslaw with the main meal.
• Most children have a sweet tooth so the sweet pointed pepper is ideal. Frying it separately before combining it with the other ingredients will further intensify the flavour.
• The latest trend is the bento box, a Japanese lunch box with several different compartments which can make healthy eating more fun for children. What will it contain today?!
• Tell children that you’re proud of them for eating their vegetables. Don’t hold back with the compliments!
• Cut raw vegetables into tiny pieces and let your children sprinkle them over their food – as much as they like!
• And last but not least: never tell children ‘This is healthy!’ – instead say ‘This is delicious!’.

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