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Sweet Palermo flavour profile

Sweet Palermo derives its name from its sweet taste. The subtle sweetness ensures that this unique pointed pepper adds value to a wide variety of dishes. Moreover, Sweet Palermo is a sweet treat when eaten as a snack.

Independent research

Evaluated by a test panel from Wageningen University of Research

An independent panel compared the taste of Sweet Palermo with that of other types of pointed and bell peppers. The conclusion: Sweet Palermo is significantly different in terms of sweetness, bitterness, fruitiness, aroma and toughness of the skin. Sweet Palermo is less bitter than other peppers. This unique vegetable is sweeter, juicier and has a more intense aroma. That aroma also contributes to the sweet taste.

Sweet Palermo’s thin skin and the fact that it contains very few seeds have an extra positive effect on the taste sensation.

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