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Side dish, Phụ vụ 8 người

Grilled vegetables with Sweet Palermo

Name a better vegetarian dish than this one? Who said healthy food can’t be tasty? These grilled veggies can be served as diner, but also on the side as a healthy addition to your dish. And what to think of our newest Sweet Palermo family member: the Chocolony? Together with the green asparagus, zucchini, the other Sweet Palermo pointed peppers and tarragon oil, it is a lovely and healthy combination. It’s easy, quick and extremely tasty…


1 squash
1 Sweet Palermo yellow
1 Sweet Palermo red
1 Sweet Palermo orange
1 Sweet Palermo Chocolony
4 spring onions
1 bunch of green asparagus
3 tbsp olive oil
15 g fresh tarragon
6 tbsp olive oil extra vierge
1 small glove of garlic, squeezed out
4 pita bread
1 tsp salt flakes
Fresh black pepper


1. Cut the squash into slices and the Sweet Palermo and spring onion into pieces. Cut the green asparagus in half lengthwise. Subsequently, mix the vegetables with the olive oil in a large bowl with your hands. Heat the grill pan on high heat, let it get really hot. Grill the vegetables on both sides until the vegetables are soft on medium-high heat.

2. Chop the tarragon and mix well with the olive oil and crushed glove of garlic. Toast the pita bread in a toaster until crispy brown and then cut them into triangles or in half.

3. When the vegetables are slightly cooled-down, place them on a nice large plate. Drizzle with tarragon garlic oil, salt flakes and fresh black pepper and serve with the toasted pita bread.

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