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Four questions to … Sweet Palermo grower Kevin Ammerlaan

Kevin Ammerlaan (25) has been working in greenhouses since being a little kid. First in his father’s greenhouse and now he has several greenhouses together with his brother.

Where does your passion for breeding come from?

“I started breeding five years ago, my father was already breeding Sweet Palermo. I took over and have been expanding since then.”

What makes Sweet Palermo special?

“Flavour. The sweet taste. A lot of people are unfamiliar with the flavour of Sweet Palermo. They might know that Sweet Palermo is a sweet pointed pepper, but the fact that the taste is so sweet, most people are amazed with that.”

What does everybody need to know about Sweet Palermo?

“The cultivation process of Sweet Palermo is very durable and maximum organic. Maximum organic means that we rarely use chemicals, we use the natural enemies of the product. And we re-use the water from the machines to heat the greenhouses.”

What’s your favourite way of eating Sweet Palermo?

“In pepper soup or raw. Raw is probably the best, I can eat a couple a day. It’s also very good for you, a Sweet Palermo contains more vitamin C than two oranges.”

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