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Side dish, Serves 4

Pointed pepper pixies


4 large eggs
4 pointed peppers (various colours)
4 dashes of mayonnaise (squeezing from a tube is easiest)
4 sprigs of alfalfa (or similar)
8 currants or raisins


1 Hard-boil the eggs for approx. 8-10 min. Briefly run them under the cold tap and then peel them. If necessary, remove a thin slice from the bottom of each one so that they stand upright. Cut off the point of each pepper (approx. 8 cm from the point) to make hats, removing any seeds.

2 Brush the eggs with a little mayonnaise, attach the alfalfa as hair and then place a hat on top of each one (fixing in place with a cocktail stick if necessary). Use the currants or raisins for the eyes and mouths, either by sticking them in or making a small hole with a knife first.

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