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Maki sushi roll with Sweet Palermo® from topchef Serge


Special rice for sushi
Rice vinegar
Sushi bamboo rolling mat
Sweet Palermo red and yellow pepper
Nori seaweed sheets
Soy sauce


Place a sheet of nori on the mat and with your hands a bit wet cover with your sushi rice the whole sheet barring 2 cm from one end. Cut the peppers into strips 1 cm wide and with the same length of the nori sheet and put one or two strips of each pepper on one of the ends.
Using the wooden rolling mat, start rolling up the ingredients until you reach the end that is uncovered with rice and previously wet, acting as a glue that will help the roll to be closed. Make as many as you wish and reserve them. With a sharp wet knife, cut your roll into 4-6 pieces and serve with some soy sauce and wasabi.

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