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Recipes from top chef Serge Aime Kouakou

Serge Aimé Kouakou, a native of the Ivory Coast, moved to England and was lucky enough to work alongside some of London’s greatest culinary icons. Under their tutelage he fell in love with cooking and also learned the vital importance of choosing quality products and working meticulously with them to blend flavours. He eventually chose to become a chef because of his work motto: if you have to dedicate long hours to your job every day, you might as well do something that you’re passionate about.
Ten years later he was running his own kitchen, and shortly thereafter three major London restaurants simultaneously. After living in several countries he chose to settle in Almería. His five-year experience heading the kitchen of La Cocina de Ser and seven-year of Sak Delicatessen, a Gourmet take away with a large selection of dishes from around the world (Hindu, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Mediterranean, French…), has allowed him to adapt his creations to suit the palate of local diners.

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