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Four questions to … Sweet Palermo grower Peter Verberne

Peter Verberne, a Sweet Palermo grower from the Dutch town of Horst, has been a grower for more than 30 years. He has been producing Sweet Palermo for the past three seasons.

Where does your passion for breeding come from?

“I think making a product which will sell well for retailers is very much focused on the consumer – and that’s who you do your best for.”

What makes Sweet Palermo special?

“What’s special about Sweet Palermo? Probably the flavour, or in other words the Brix content. That’s what makes it so sweet. The shape also sets it apart from a regular bell pepper.

What does everybody need to know about Sweet Palermo?

“Above all how sweet and delicious it is. You cannot compare it to a bell pepper. Sweet Palermo really does have something extra.”

What’s your favourite way of eating Sweet Palermo?

“Raw. That’s also the best way for me to check that the Sweet Palermo has the right amount of sweetness for retailers. If it doesn’t, then we sell it to small markets.”

“For me, the product is tasty enough on its own; I don’t need to add anything.”

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