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Sweet Palermo Taste of the Year 2022

Spanish consumers have once again recognised Sweet Palermo® extra sweet conical peppers with the Flavour of the Year seal. This award identifies those products that stand out on the shelves for their unique and differential flavour.

Flavour of the Year is the leading seal in the food sector in Spain, thanks to the methodology used, which is objective, clear and truthful because it is the only one based on the functional properties of the product without the influence of the brand or other emotional factors of the consumer.

According to Jordi Bové, general manager of Global Quality Iberia, “Flavour of the Year is a taste test of the product: it is neither a competition nor a choice, but a valuable award based on recognition by the most demanding jury, the consumer”.


The choice is based on the critical opinion of a panel of 80 regular consumers in the pepper category. The consumers test the products individually and without brand reference. The entire testing process is carried out by an independent sensory analysis laboratory that certifies the test and the test result.
The aspects evaluated were the taste, appearance, smell and texture of the Sweet Palermo range in the colours red, yellow and chocolate. The results of the sensory study revealed outstanding values for taste and consumer preference/acceptance of Sweet Palermo.
This new recognition is key and confirms consumer confidence in the Sweet Palermo brand and its taste and quality attributes.


Very sweet, thin-skinned, with hardly any seeds, particularly versatile and very rich in vitamin C. Its characteristics have established it as a consumer favourite with the Flavour of the Year Award 2022. Available all year round in its different formats.


2012: Best sweet pepper in the Netherlands, award in the New Fresh of Foodlog category.
2015: Product of the Year 2015 at Fresh Market Poland.
2018: FICA Summer Event Netherlands; Recipe for Sweet Red Palermo with Chocolate.
2020: Flavour of the Year 2020 Spain.
2020: Superior Taste Awards recognition by the most prestigious chefs in the world, three stars in its yellow version. International Taste Institute. Belgium.
2021: Flavour of the year 2021 Sweet Palermo range Spain.
2022: Flavour of the Year 2022 Sweet Palermo Spain range.

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