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Sweet Palermo® Taste of the year 2020 in Spain

Surprisingly sweet

Sweet Palermo has been chosen as Taste of the year 2020 by an independent group of consumer specialized in sensory analyses. The seal “Taste of the year” represents over more than 20 years of experience in Europe and 10 year experience in Spain.

Sometimes you try something new which changes your life

Sweet Palermo® has a unique flavor which distinguishes it selves from other pointed peppers. Consumers love its sweet taste, quick and easy preparation and versatility. This is why it has been chosen as Taste of the year 2020 in Spain.

We add this award to our list

2012: Best Sweet Pepper of The Netherlands, an award in the category New Fresh of Foodlog
2015: Product of the year 2015 during the Fresh Market 2015 fair Poland
2018: FICA Summer Event The Netherlands; A recipe of red Sweet Palermo with Chocolate
2020: Taste of the year 2020 Spain

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