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Sweet Palermo: tasty, convenient and versatile

You are no doubt familiar with the ‘regular’ bell pepper, and you might even have tried a pointed pepper. But have you heard about Sweet Palermo? As of now, this unique pepper that is rich in vitamins and flavour is available to everyone, all year round. Its intense taste, numerous ways of preparation and tremendous versatility make Sweet Palermo a joy to use in countless different dishes. Try our pointed pepper recipes now! After one bite of Sweet Palermo there’s a big chance you will want to put this unique and nutritious fresh vegetable on the menu every day.

Quality guaranteed

The Sweet Palermo Growers Group is the exclusive, specially selected group of growers who are authorised to produce Sweet Palermo. Each grower guarantees a consistent quality and availability, enabling you to fully enjoy the most delicious pepper ever produced, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

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