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Superior Taste Award 2020 3-star Yellow

Suprisingly Sweet

The Superior Taste Award jury has given the yellow Sweet Palermo the highest possible rating of three stars. Three-star ratings are only awarded in the case of an average score of more than 90%. Sweet Palermo is the first sweet pointed pepper to receive the Superior Taste Award, and our red Sweet Palermo also achieved a very commendable score of 87%. Resulting in a 2-star rating, this rating of 2-stars was also achieved for our orange and chocolate Sweet Palermo’s The Superior Taste Award is a respected independent certification scheme focused on flavour. The award is organised by the International Taste Institute in Brussels – a world leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food and beverage products by professionals. The jury is made up of prestigious chefs and sommeliers.

Surprisingly sweet

We are proud to be able to add this award for the unique flavour of Sweet Palermo to the ever-growing list:
2012: Best pepper in the Netherlands – a prize in Foodlog’s New Fresh category
2015: Product of the Year 2015 at the Fresh Market Fair in Poland
2018: FICA Summer Event The Netherlands; a recipe for red Sweet Palermo with chocolate
2020: Taste of the Year 2020 in Spain
2020: Superior Taste Award Brussels

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