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Sweet Palermo Growers Group

With Sweet Palermo® we are responding to the increasing trend towards fruit and vegetables with a naturally sweet taste. This demand has already been addressed successfully by product innovations such as snack tomatoes and children’s apples. The sweeter, richer flavour makes this pointed pepper ideal for many more occasions and uses than the regular pointed or blocky pepper, including as a healthy snack, and its soft skin and fewer seeds open up even more opportunities. This makes the Sweet Palermo a premium product that the market is ready for. By working together on the success of Sweet Palermo as chain partners, we can jointly develop a great marketing concept and story and create demand on customer level. The Sweet Palermo Growers Group ensures continuity in terms of both quality and availability of this unique product. For premium retail presentation and for foodservice, we are designing a packaging concept which includes a red, an orange, a yellow and a chocolate Sweet Palermo.

Sweet Palermo Partners:

Acrena, S.A.T. 251Spain
Agrícola Progrés-Garbí, S.C.C.L.Spain
Agrícola Vasan, S.L.Spain
Agro-daluva, S.L.Spain
Agroejido, S.A.Spain
Agrofres Export, S.L.Spain
Agroiris, S.A.T.Spain
Agroponiente, S.A.Spain
Agrosol Export, S.L.Spain
Agrupaadra, S.A.Spain
Agrupaejido, S.A.Spain
Alhóndiga la Unión, S.A.Spain
Ametller Origen, S.L.Spain
Bio Montaña, S.L.Spain
Bio Sol Portocarrero, S.L.Spain
Bioalgarrobo, S.L.Spain
BioSabor, S.A.T.Spain
Biotec Family, S.C.A.Spain
Campojoyma, S.L.Spain
Camposeven, S.A.T.Spain
Caparrós Nature, S.L.Spain
Cooperativa Agrícola San Isidro S.C.A.Spain
Delgafruits, S.L.Spain
Direxco, S.L.U.Spain
Ejidomar, S.C.A.Spain
Eurocastell, S.A.T.Spain
Eurosol, S.A.T.Spain
Exportaciones Agrícolas Aldenor, S.L.Spain
Exportaciones Agrícolas EcoverdeSpain
Fields of the Paradise, S.L.Spain
Frescover, S.L.Spain
Fruca Marketing, S.L.Spain
Fruits Hortomarket, S.L.Spain
Frutas Escobi, S.L.Spain
Frutas Luna Import-Export, S.L.Spain
Fulgencio Spa, S.L.Spain
Godoy Hortalizas, S.L.Spain
Haciendas Bio, S.A.Spain
Hortibalanegra, S.L.Spain
Hortofrutícola Costa de Almería, S.L.Spain
Hortosabor Mediterráneo, S.L.Spain
Indasol, S.A.T.Spain
Iniciativas García y González, S.L.Spain
Inver, S.A.T. 6015Spain
Keops-Agro S.L.Spain
Las Hortichuelas, S.A.T. 4.812Spain
Luis Andújar Bio S.L.U.Spain
Maleno y Torres Exportación, S.L.Spain
MJ Agroasesores, S.L.Spain
Murgiverde, S.C.A.Spain
Nature Choice, S.A.T.Spain
Nijarstar, S.A.T.Spain
Pimiento Directo, S.L.Spain
Pozo Sur S.A.T.Spain
Productos Ecológicos del Sur, S.L.Spain
Romenatur, S.L.Spain
S.A.T. Hortofrutícola MABESpain
S.A.T. MontivelSpain
S.A.T. N2457 San CayetanoSpain
San Isidro Labrador, S.C.A.Spain
Sercom Hortalizas, S.A.Spain
Surinver Hortofrutícola, S.C.Spain
Unica Group, S.C.A.Spain
Vicasol, S.C.A.Spain
Graceland hydroponicsSouth Africa
FreshwestNew Zealand
Southern Belle OrchardsNew Zealand
Kwekerij RoodpuntNederland
Food Forest FarmMalaysia
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